What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Kirsten and I am from Kansas City, Missouri but am excited to be moving to Oregon within the next couple years!
What does being a “witch” mean to you?
I love this question because one of the things that made me fall in love with my craft is how it’s solely mine. No one can define it for me or take away from it unless I allow them too. Within my practice, the term “witch” means someone that is connected to Gaia, the celestial, animals, energy, and those who carry out the practice of unconditional love in everyday life. It is all about coming back to the truest, most authentic version of yourself. I also believe that being a witch is sometimes working within your shadows, so you can find the light. That yin-yang energy we all carry.
What’s your favorite ritual? Is there one that you do every day?
My favorite rituals are the ones I practice on the Full and New Moons, there’s just something so magical about setting intentions for a fresh start. New moon, new me. Every morning I try to wake up around the same time as sun rise (though with two kids this doesn’t always happen), drink a cup of green tea and practice Kundalini yoga.
What are your current favorite ritual tools?
Crystals, candles, herbs and runes are my current favorite tools, but I am also really loving my Chakra healing wand right now!
What do you think is the biggest witch stereotype?
Definitely that we are all evil and worship the devil. I have unfortunately dealt with a great deal of judgment from family and friends in the past when I first came out of the broom closet, as I’m sure many of us have. I think people either have an open mind and learn to understand and accept what your craft truly is, or you must move on from those relationships. I think it is very important to never let anyone make you feel bad about the spiritual choices you make because in the end only you truly know what your practice is like.  
 What are your thoughts on the Ouija board?
I honestly don’t know much about them and if it’s like a majority of things having to do with being a witch, it’s probably very misunderstood. I have heard stories from friends who said paranormal things started to occur to them after using a Ouija board, but I prefer to speak only from my experience and that I do not have.
Favorite witchy movie go!
Practical Magic! No brainer there!
Music is a huge inspiration to me, what are you currently listening to?
Florence Welch is my all-time favorite artist; Cosmic love is my jam! I am currently listening to Glass Animals! There’s something so unique about their sound, I imagine it’s what the inside of a lava lamp might sound like.
Have you ever done a spell in which you regret?
No, I do not practice spells that would harm anyone. I like to keep my craft positive and filled with those good vibes! It’s all about intention and I believe if your intentions are positive, the outcome will be as well.
What is your sign?
I am a proud Aquarius sun and moon, Gemini rising!
Can you remember your first crystal or gemstone? What was it?
I do! I was lucky enough to grow up with a mother who has a love for all things gem. I remember being very little at the time and being gifted an Amethyst for my birthday! Being born in February, Amethyst was very much apart of my life, which is awesome considering it’s my favorite crystal.
Do you practice with tarot cards? Do you have a favorite deck?
Yes! My practice with tarot cards has grown so much within this past year. It has really become a significant part of my life. Currently, my favorite deck is the Marshmallow Marseille by Wandering Oracle. I think it’s important to find tarot cards that you feel connected with and that’s how I felt the moment I saw this deck. The fact that it’s absolutely gorgeous is a little added bonus!
Where is the most magical place you’ve ever been?
This is a hard one for me! There are so many places I have visited that I now hold dear to my heart, but if I had to narrow it down to just one it would have to be the Rocky Mountains in Colorado! Ever since I can remember I have felt a very strong belonging and connection with the mountains. My husband and I took a trip up there a few years back and it was the most amazing, unforgettable experience. I remember one morning before we set off on our hike, meditating under the fiery-orange light of dawn and just feeling this great emotional release, this serenity. It was like suddenly I just knew that no matter what may happen in my life, I had the strength to overcome anything. I think the best places we visit are the ones that reconnect us with our highest self, however that may occur.









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