What is your name and where are you from

    Jade-Chantelle Appleton, I’m originally from Norfolk, I moved around a lot and I’m currently living down south in Chichester with my boyfriend.

    What does being a “witch” mean to you?

    Being a witch to me, means freedom. I’ve never had much control over anything in my life - like most of us I’ve had good things happen, but also a lot of bad things and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that this is the only thing I have full control over, my altar layout, my book of shadows, the spells I do, the crystals I collect, the way I feel about witchcraft and my beliefs - they’re all mine, my craft is the only thing in my life that’s truly mine, something I have complete control over and no one can take that away from me. It genuinely makes me happy and when I get low, it’s an escape from all the bad things happening.

    Have you ever had someone read your palm?

    I did a very very long time ago, I would like it done again. I had a tarot reading not long ago and it was incredible, I cried and everything he said was just so accurate and so heartwarming as well.

    What are your current favorite ritual tools?


    White sage, my cauldron (perfect for spells and rituals that involve burning things, like with the full moon ritual). I love my crystals, incense, candles and crushed herbs/flowers. Really into my tarot decks as well as my crystal ball, I’m a big fan of divination and I got really into tea leaf reading last year. I love how many different forms of divination there are. - Oh and my adorable new crystal grid from fiendies!

    What do you think is the biggest witch stereotype?

    That we’re all evil and curse people, there are witches who do hex others etc, but the majority of us are all about that positivity and love. “If it harms none, do what you will”.

    What are your thoughts on the Ouija board?

    I am dying to use one, I’m so fascinated by the afterlife/spirits, I’ve had one for a really long time but my boyfriend isn’t a fan of it so I’ve been respectful of his wishes and stayed away, but I will be using it soon because my best friend wants to use one with me.

    Favorite witchy movie go!

    The love witch, it’s incredible!

    Music is a huge inspiration to me, what are you currently listening to?

    I have such an open taste in music, I love listening to anything that sounds good and gets me singing. I’m a sucker for soundtracks from movies/series. I am unashamedly addicted to the greatest showman soundtrack and the Rick and Morty soundtrack.

    Have you ever done a spell in which you regret?

    I haven’t, the only spells that I would regret are ones that would affect others negatively or cause harm and I would never want to do that, peace and light, love and care. Plus we all know about the three-fold law/Law of return.

    What is your sign?

    Pisces sun, Cancer moon, virgo rising.

    Can you remember your first crystal or gemstone? What was it?

    Yes! A small amethyst cluster, I still have it now. It was a gift from an old friend when I was a child.

    Do you practice with tarot cards? Do you have a favorite deck?

    I do! My favourite deck is my wildwood deck, I’ve been using it for a couple of years and it’s so beautiful but also really easy to use and connect with.

    Where is the most magical place you’ve ever been? 

    My favourite place in the entire world is the Lake District, I used to go all the time when I was a kid, my nana lived in an adorable cottage next to a field with horse and a massive forest. Grandad Piggy used to take me up there and we’d explore everywhere, it’s bloody beautiful. We used to have little deers and foxes roam around the back garden and there were chickens that used to chill in the cottage and watch tv. It was so magical. - eventually, I will live there and I cannot wait. 

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