1. What is your name and where are you from?

 Hello! My name is Raine, pronounced just like rain. ☔️ I am from Michigan in the United States and live between the forest and the beach. 

2. What does being a “witch” mean to you?

Being a witch to me means to reconnect with nature and the inner self. I say reconnect because I feel we are very connected to nature as children, but many slowly drift from this connection. I feel I have always held the same beliefs that I hold now, as nature has always been sacred and inspiring to me. Being a witch to me also means strengthening this bond with nature. I mostly identify with the path of the green witch, so this bond is especially important to me. By honoring nature I am honoring myself and others - we are all a part of the magic of the earth itself. 


 3. Have you ever had someone read your palm?

 I actually haven’t! I am so intrigued by palmistry though. I usually go for a tarot reading, but the next time I am attending my local renaissance faire I will definitely see the palm reader. 


 4. What are your current favorite ritual tools?

My favorite tools right now are herbs, tarot cards, and more recently sigils. I am always seeking new knowledge and new tools I connect with in my practice. 


5. What do you think is the biggest witch stereotype?

 Definitely that witches have evil intentions. People from a very outside perspective may only associate the word witch with what they have seen in the media or in movies. 


6. What are your thoughts on the Ouija board?

“Put that thing back where it came from....or so help me!” All jokes aside, ouija boards can be highly dangerous if used incorrectly. I have a friend who is still affected by a very negative experience she has using one years after. So I stay away. 


7. Favorite witchy movie go!

Definitely Kiki’s Delivery Service. Any Studio Ghibli movie holds a special place in my heart. 


8. Music is a huge inspiration to me, what are you currently listening to?

What I listen to depends on my mood. But right now I am in love with Aurora. She is such a gentle and wise spirit and someone who inspires me greatly. 


9. Have you ever done a spell in which you regret?

No. But, I do not do any spells that could harm others or negatively influence them in any way.  And I only do spells involving other people with their consent. 


10. What is your sign?

Aquarius sun and moon, Taurus rising. Double aqua bb.


11. Can you remember your first crystal or gemstone? What was it?

When I was very young, I went on a trip to Tennessee and was just PULLED by the energy of this amethyst and had to have it. I included in a sculpture I made for a high school art class and I still have it. 


12. Do you practice with tarot cards? Do you have a favorite deck?

Yes! I try to practice daily. My favorite deck is Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. It is so dreamy and the imagery really speaks to me. 


13.Where is the most magical place you’ve ever been?

I have so many favorite and magical spaces that are so sacred to me. But, the most magical place I have ever been is behind my house. It is quite a walk, but in the forest behind me, there is a creek and SO much wildlife. It feels like you have entered a fairy realm. Another place very sacred to me is next to my grandmother’s house. It is a large dune next to the forest that overlooks Lake Michigan. I try to see the magic in every place I visit. 

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