JESS: What is your name and where are you from? 

MICHELLE: Michelle Marks, Long Beach, CA

JESS:    What does being a “witch” mean to you?

MICHELLE: I am a LaVeyan Satanist. Thus, my practice of witchcraft derives more from a knowledge of psychology, observation, and action to create outcomes rather than relying on potions alone. 

JESS: That’s so rad- its been a while since I have met a LaVeyan! I think its pretty funny when people even see the word “Satanist” and immediately think your sacrificing animals and covered in blood and hate the world. Hahaha which is so far from the truth…..kinda….hahaahah kidding kidding!

JESS: Have you ever had someone read your palm?


 JESS:  What are your current favorite ritual tools?

MICHELLE: When I practice rituals that involve ritual tools, they are there to simply be a mental energy place marker for what I want to create for myself. Candles, potions and incense do not make a "spell" work, rather these tools help a Satanic witch to visualize ourselves more intimately and to map a course for the outcome we desire.

JESS: AH! You stated that so perfectly! Where were you when I was writing descriptions for products!

JESS: What do you think is the biggest witch stereotype?

MICHELLE:  What was once a stereotype of an ugly, old woman in a forest has vastly changed into a naked woman on instagram lighting a candle. Our conceptualization of "witch" culture is seemingly overthrown by pop culture. I'm not sure which stereotype is the biggest, but all are fairly silly. The silliest to me being that all witches are Wiccan. 

JESS: Hahahahaha YES, I think we have finally removed the ugly, old woman with moles and scraggly hair over the past couple years- but we are definitely still far from educating people that not all witches are Wiccan.

JESS: What are your thoughts on the Ouija board?

MICHELLE: Ideomotor phenomenon is a bizarrely interesting facet of the human brain.

JESS:   Favorite witchy movie go!

MICHELLE:  Rosemary's Baby for sure!

JESS: Finally! Someone else! Such a  CLASSIC!

JESS: Music is a huge inspiration to me, what are you currently listening to? 

MICHELLE:  The album "Grief's Infernal Flower" by Windhand.

JESS: Have you ever done a spell in which you regret?

MICHELLE: Absolutely not. Every action i've taken is my own, I regret nothing.

JESS:  What is your sign?

 MICHELLE: Pisces, but don't talk to me about my horoscope. Haha.

JESS: Can you remember your first crystal or gemstone? What was it? 

MICHELLE: As a girl, I was obsessed with rocks and crystals, mostly from a scientific POV. I had a large collection but my most noteworthy was a large amethyst geode which I still have today.

JESS:  Do you practice with tarot cards? Do you have a favorite deck? 

 MICHELLE: I think they're fun, but absolutely more of a self-reflection than a magical phenom.

JESS: Where is the most magical place you’ve ever been? 

MICHELLE: My family owns a cabin in Kern County, CA. About 100 yards up from it is a clearing that is speckled with moss and wild flowers. As a little girl I'd play out there, pretending I was a character from "The Scarlet Letter" and that I was being hunted as a witch. Odd game, I suppose.

JESS: OMG THAT’S AMAZING MICHELLE. Hahahaha funny as I would play a similar game “Sarlet Letter” wasn’t involved but there was a lot of witches hunting me and I had to get away! Childhood is weird! Thanks for being our Witch Baby this month Michelle! It was a pleasure getting to know you better!

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