No Bad Vibes Ritual Candle

Banish Negativity
6 oz | 24 hr burn time
Balsam Fir + Teakwood + Bamboo
Negativity... The Enemy of Creativity!

Conjure nothing but happy thoughts with the No Bad Vibes Ritual Candle. Anxiety, stress, and worry don’t stand a chance against this comforting candle. Eliminate the negativity living rent-free in your home and in your mind, while welcoming in all the good vibes.

Balsam Fir + Teakwood + Bamboo

A woodsy walk through a winter forest, this leafy combination sparks all the warm and fuzzy feels. An attractively masculine scent that feels like you’re immersed in pine tree forest.


Banish Negativity & Bad Vibes

Mood / Vibe

Positive and confident. Creates a comforting aura.


Black Tourmaline: Absorbs negative energy

Lemon Balm, Palo Santo Dust, Rose Petals: Protection, purification, energy cleansing

Black, White: Soaks up negative energy allowing positive energy to come through

Banish Negativity

"My secret to peace... Definitely sets the positive energy in and smells amazing. I love this company!"

"Just as beautiful as the pictures... It smells wonderful too and burns down nicely too. I highly recommend it."

"Amazing Products! Love love love the candles and potions, great for gifts and for yourself."

Balsam Fir + Teakwood + Bamboo +

All Natural


Cruelty Free

Gemstone Infused

Charged Under the Full Moon


Handmade in Small Batches in Costa Mesa, CA