Clean Get Away Mist

Body + Hair Perfume
2 fl oz
Green Tea + Hibiscus + Sea Moss
In a Hygiene Pinch?

Don’t have the time to squeeze in a shower? Need to clear some funky vibes? Look no further than the Clean Getaway Mist. 

Give your hair and skin a little pick-me-up. This refreshing body and hair perfume is aromatically bright and will leave you feeling blissfully rejuvenated. 

Also applicable to your linens or room to instantly revive the overall mood in your space.

Green Tea + Hibiscus + Sea Moss

A cleansing, clarifying blend. Green tea revitalizes, hibiscus rejuvenates and sea moss provides a mineral-rich, purifying essence. All combined to create our most refreshing, vibe resetting mist.


When you just really want your hair smelling like a fresh ocean breeze, after the shower or days of no washing. Make a break for it! Mist your body, hair, linens or room!  Made with high quality essential oils and floral waters.


Stone of action, promotes courage and confidence to move forward on a new path in life. Great for motivation and action towards new goals. 

Body + Hair Perfume

"Great mist after a long day. Invigorating, captivating, immediately feel refreshed from a long day."

"My daily fragrance! Clean, fresh, literally a breath of fresh air!"

"My Favorite Product. I love to spray this all over when I get out of the shower and towel off. Especially during the hot summer days... it smells so refreshing."

Green Tea + Hibiscus + Sea Moss +

All Natural


Cruelty Free

Gemstone Infused

Charged Under the Full Moon


Handmade in Small Batches in Costa Mesa, CA