Little Shop of Oils Founder

About Jess

This is my Little Shop of Oils. I create uniquely handcrafted candles, mists and essential oil blends aimed to offer holistic healing benefits. Though it may sound strange, it was anxiety that ignited the flame that drove me to create this labor of love.

Thank you for the years of continued support! This little BIG community constantly surprises me.

XO Jess.

Where It Began

I started building collections around the emotional ailments that plagued me.

I incorporated Full Moon and New Moon candles into my manifestation rituals. The Dream Mist was designed to help acquire restful night’s sleep. The Anxiety Sucks essential oil blend became a bestselling item that helps liberate others from panic or worry.

Our Glowing Reviews

"Every single candle is made with an amazing smell + color combo! Jess' craftsmanship is a true gift."

"Beautiful. Fragrant. Colorful. Amazing as always. Thank you, Jess!"

"Love every single one of these mists! Jess has an amazing talent for creating the most exotic and beautiful scents; they are addicting"

"I can’t get enough of Jess and her magical creations- literally they are ALL amazing."

"Jess pours her love into every item, and it shows. xx."

What's Your Sign?

I’m a Taurus

I thrive on creativity. My happy place is at home, diligently working on arts and crafts. I struggle with anxious thoughts and feelings regularly, and this artistic outlet eased the tension that accompanied my anxiety.

I also find great joy in helping others. I sought relief in self-care practices, crystals, and essential oils. From this longing for comfort was born the Anxiety Sucks blend along with a collection of other self-healing products. Not only did this blend itself combat my anxious thoughts, but the process of passionately creating it tamed these flustered feelings.