Cancer Season Candle

6 oz | 24 hr burn time
Orange + Bergamot + Amber
Cancer Zodiac Sign

The caring Cancer feels all the feels, even when it comes at a cost. You are hyper in-tune to your emotional sensitivities and tend to lead with your heart.

Nurturing your relationships is your top priority, but sometimes you need to be reminded to pump the breaks on your possessive approach. 

As a result, crabbiness tends to creep in. Remain lovingly loyal to your inner circle, and let the moodiness take a backseat.

Orange + Bergamot + Amber

Tarocco Orange, Bergamot, and Oakmoss Amber blend harmoniously to create a vibrant, citrusy aroma with earthy undertones. Refreshing and fruity like a perfect summer day.


Harnass Compassion & Confidence

Mood / Vibe

Calming and refreshing. Creates a comforting aura.


Tigers Eye, Rainbow Moonstone, Rose Quartz: Confidence, good luck, intuition, compassion 


"Smells divine and I love its beautiful aesthetic!"

"I love it!"

"I love everything I've ever purchased from Little Shop of Oils and this candle is no exception. The quality is great and it smells wonderful."

Orange + Bergamot + Amber +

All Natural


Cruelty Free

Gemstone Infused

Charged Under the Full Moon


Handmade in Small Batches in Costa Mesa, CA