Winter Solstice Ritual Candle

6 oz | 24 hr burn time
Balsam Fir + Clove + Orange Peel
Pause and Reflect...

The sun quietly stands still, as the gentle darkness of the Winter Solstice encourages us to reflect on our spiritual journey over the past year. 

The duality of this illustrious season is rich with meaning. Even in the coldest months of the year, our benevolent union to the natural world should be praised. 

Pay tribute to the sun’s rebirth by lighting a solstice ritual candle and thoughtfully set your intentions for the upcoming year. The warmth of the candlelight is the perfect backdrop to enjoy a nourishing meal surrounded by loved ones, while honoring the winter celebration of the sun.

Balsam Fir + Clove + Orange Peel

Winter with a hint of citrus. Spark joyful holiday nostalgia with our Winter Solstice Ritual Candle this season. A candle to remind you to BE ABUNDANT!


Positive Reflection & Manifestation

Mood / Vibe

Tranquil and serene. Creates a celebratory yet calming aura.


Carnelian: Courage & Confidence

Cedar Leaves: Positive Energy

White: Joy, Clarity, Grounding


"I LOVE everything about this candle... from the heavenly scent down to the cute packaging!"

"A Winter Solstice Dream! The fragrance is winter with a hint of citrus."

"Best Winter Candle... I have bought several of these wonderful candles. They smell like Winter in a box!"

Balsam Fir + Clove + Orange Peel +

All Natural


Cruelty Free

Gemstone Infused

Charged Under the Full Moon


Handmade in Small Batches in Costa Mesa, CA